From Elea to Ascea

The project From Elea to Ascea explores the movement through space, from one point to another, while deliberately mapping the element of time involved in experiencing the place. Through this process I sought a link between movement from past to present with our own personal journeys. This project developed from my time at an artist residency in the south of Italy where I was able to explore the archeological site of the ancient Greek settlement of Elea and the present town of Ascea that was settled during medieval times.


Themes of water, land and sky dominated my experience and merged with my process of coming to know the place as I lived, explored, walked and went about my daily life. Time elements that move with the geography across the wall are not only implied in the travel charted across the wall, but also are embedded in the form of recordings of color, star charts, meteorological data and receipts from a local bar. All these bits group and merge together, finally trailing off into recordings of smell, sound and memory.

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